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Lyle Overbay*: An Unofficial Fan Site.

"How Loud is Your O-Chant?" The Quiz!

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Lyle Overbay
Lyle Overbay: An Unofficial Fan Site

"How Loud is Your O-Chant?" The Quiz!

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Lyle Overbay

The directions are simple: 1) Take a piece of paper and a pen. 2) Write down the number of points that corresponds to you answer for each question. 3) Tally them up at the end. 4) Laugh about how big of a fan you are. 5) *optional* Share your results when you leave a note for Lyle. 6) *optional* Add your own questions.

How (((LOUD))) is YOUR O-Chant?

1. How long have you known about or followed Lyle?
   - You finally know who he is now that he plays for Toronto (1 point)
   - You became a fan in Milwaukee (2 points)
- You know all the teams Lyle has played for since high school, plus his stats (3 points)

2. Regarding autographs, you:
   - don't have one yet, but you wouldn't mind one (1 point)
   - have one... somewhere (2 points)
   - have a ton--they have their own little shrine in a special room in your house (3 points)

3. You own:
   - a Lyle Overbay shirt or jersey from his current team, the Toronto Blue Jays (1 point)
   - a Lyle Overbay shirt or jersey from the Milwaukee Brewers AND the Toronto Blue Jays (2 points)
- a Lyle Overbay shirt or jersey from the Blue Jays, Brewers, and Diamondbacks; plus some other Lyle memorabilia (3 points)

4. As far as those "O's" that people started making, you:
   - never got around to making one (1 point)
   - never made one but raised your hands into an O and maybe borrowed a cardboard one from the Buckethead Brigade (2 points)
- have at least one that you set aside time to make. Autographed. And maybe framed. (3 points)

5. Your friends would say:
   - "Who is Lyle Overbay again?" (1 point)
   - "Do you eat Cheerios just because they're in the shape of an O?" (2 points)
- (When traded to *insert team here*) "Are you moving to *insert new team's city here*?" (3 points)

6. When Lyle was traded from Milwaukee to Toronto (or from Arizona to Milwaukee), you:
   - weren't too bummed and got excited about Prince Fielder coming up to play first base (1 point)
   - were sad, maybe shed a tear (2 points)
  - pakced up and moved from Milwaukee to Toronto (or from Arizona to Milwaukee) (3 points)

7. When it was Lyle Overbay All-Fan Bobble Head giveaway night:
   - you asked a friend to pick one up for you (1 point)
   - you got one, looked at it, put it back in its box, and maybe put it on a shelf somewhere (2 points)
- immediately after the game you slapped some duct tape on the bottom and anchored it to the dashboard of your car (3 points)

8. In regards to things that remind you of Lyle:
   - you think of him whenever someone holds a prolonged "Ohhh" (1 point)
   - you think of him whenever you hear a word beginning with "over" or anything that rhymes with "Lyle" (2 points)
- you made a CD of songs that are definitely Lyle-friendly ("Swingtown" by Steve Miller Band, "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam; both of which have been played while Lyle bats) (3 points)

9. Be honest. What do you think of when you hear the name?
   - "Lyle Overbay... that's kind of a funny name." (1 point)
   - "I might name one of my pets Lyle." (2 points)
   - "I'm naming my kid Lyle." (3 points)

Give yourself another point or three if your favorite numbers are 11, 35, 37, etc. and/or if you now watch "24" or listen to Pearl Jam just because you know Lyle does.

How did you do? Tally 'em up!

 (9-14 points) 
This is Lyle Overbay. He looks a little confused because he can't hear you cheering. But that's ok, you can work on it. Please ask a fellow fan how to do the O-Chant. And feel free to leave Lyle a note.

(15-23 points)
Good job, your O-Chant is there. You've got your arms up, he's one of your favorite players, and you'd probably know who he was if you ran into him on the street. Please leave him a note if you haven't yet.

(24-36 points)
wOw! Your O-Chant is DEAFENING! You cannot wait for him to be batting so you're on your feet probably before he even arrives at the ballpark. You do it at all the games. Even when you can't make it to a game, you sit at home with your O raised high and still chant while you watch the game on TV. Congratulations, you're obsessed.

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